Chit Chat

So, I started my goal of trying to talk to people almost everywhere I go some days I can’t but a lot of the times I do. I’ll tell you about what makes me not want to talk to a person if they abruptly come by me I don’t have a chance to think of what to say. Also, when I’m not really one on one with the person. Most of the few friends I had I met them one on one and then they would introduce me to people. I haven’t met anyone my age in a while though I really could use a friend. It would be cool to meet someone in my building.

But ok. I remember walking to the 7/11 and the chicken place at the 7/11 they had this girl in there at the Dunkin dounuts and I asked her about her day and how long she had been working there the convo was just that but it went fine. I didn’t ask for her number because the conversation wasn’t long. Then try to talk to the cashier I don’t know what he was trying tell me. But then I went to the chicken place and talk to the cashier there this older guy it went well he talked mostly about his life but hey I haven’t lived really. But then I went back there on two other occasions and one time again it went well but the third time he asked if we could sleep together. I’m like huh wtf and basically feel weird about going back there. I really thought I could have a friend even though he was older. My mechanic and I talked once meeting him for the first time we exchanged numbers but as usual I don’t answer because I don’t know what to say but I met up with him again and had a little convo and it went well and he asked me if I wanted to go out that night but I was like no. I haven’t been invited out since my cousin and I last started talking long story short about her we don’t talk anymore a few arguements. I met this guy in the elevator I should have tried to continue talking to him he was cool. I really need a friend. But I have some ideas on how I can make friends possible I want to start a vlog so I’ll see how it goes.

I started a class and I’m talking to ppl in there and this older lady already invited me to her church next month. Yay! It’s something lol I really don’t get out. I went to church one in the time of trying to talk to people too I met this lady but I didn’t know what to say I’m just so horrible at speaking to people. I just try to ask the right questions and listen. I guess I’m a listener but after so many years of being inside since I was a child I really just don’t have much to add.

I have a really long ways to go before I can date because I can’t just sit there. I’m so just awkward because of my past. I plan to do more things and talk to people for some experience in life. I’ll keep praying about friends and a life though. Thanks

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