An Old Classic

pexels-photo-761150.jpegReading takes forever if your a slow reader. However, this book was effortlessly smooth for me to go through. You might remember it from your childhood. I read it because I wanted to see if I remembered anything from it and I did.

The story goes, a family of three in a small village in India(based on a Mexican story) are poor they’re child gets bit by a scorpion. They need to get help from the one and only doctor in the village. He turns them away because they have no money so they go into the sea to try to find something of value. (Hopefully you don’t catch on until the ending) Yes, the go into the sea they find this thing that can forever change their lives. All this times he hears these songs from his ancestors and now that of the thing which is evil makes everyone in the ton dream of the thing they can buy from it. They soon hear the songs of evil from the gods and soon Kino, the husband, is stricken with fear and anger like a beast that someone will steal the thing. One night he hears a sound of evil and a person searching for the thing and he’s bombarded with rage so strong and blindness from what this thing has truly done to him he kills a man mistakenly. Then his wife, Juana, finds out and they know that staying there he will be tried and he won’t have a future with the baby and his wife. So they take off with the help of his brother and sister in law and leave but in the end they get caught and one of the guys whose out a tracker out to get them accidentally kills the baby thinking it’s a coyote. So in the end they head back to the village and throw the Pearl back into the sea.

Now you get it the name of the book was “The Pearl”. It’s an old classic. But the book show that how hard it is to break out of being poor and be thankful for what you have already because his wife wanted to get ride of the pearl long time. Now I wish other books are as easy to read. Yes I know it’s a middle school book though lol Sorry if I offended anyone didn’t mean to. There will be more book reviews on my blog. Please be encouraged to read more. Later!







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