Diving In: My life Begins


My name is Rae. I was born in December 2017, can’t recall the date; as I have issues with my brain– but no seriously; but it was a start of something new for me you see I’m an adult that’s never lived before. Doctors haven’t told me but I think I was born with depression and my life even as a little kid was what I call numb because I was only myself around my mother. And that continued til December for the most part. Even though there were some odd occasions where I was myself but I’ll get to that for now all you need to know is I started life when most ppl are fully immersed in it since birth. It’s like I just woke up.

Some of my post will be coming from my night shares I may call them where I usually wake up in the middle of the night and think the most wonderful thoughts.

Anyway, I’m just woke but there’s another issue I’m not as smart as the average person my age because I just woke. So you’ll go with me thru the challenges of becoming a human being and just learning and exploring and living my life to its fullest as cliche as that sounds but I want to live.

“Go where you feel most alive!” — unknown


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